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Our Goal

In the every day world of a business owner, there are certainly enough hard decisions to make. As you well know, the problems tend to end up on your desk. Our goal is to help ease your workload by offering you our fully computerized accounting and tax services for growing your business, along with monthly consultation. At Timothy Susich CPA, it is important to us that our client always stays informed of their company developments before making sound decisions. We hope to accomplish this high quality, cost effective and timely services, that will set us apart from our contemporaries.

You Will Know Exactly Where You Are Every Month


How valuable would you consider a personal CPA service that assists you monthly with your financial issues before they turn into problems? If a professional CPA would supervise your accounting every month, give you understandable information about your financial developments and be available to help, do you think this will be valuable to you?


You Will Always Know What To Do


Being on top of your finances requires up to date information from a professional who keeps accurate records and oversees the development of your fiscal year constantly. With monthly financial consulting you will be in touch with your finances and be able to make correct decisions.

It is vital to us at Timothy Susich CPA that you know the pros and cons of a financial decision so that a situation is never allowed to develop into a problem that only shows up at tax report time.


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